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Inside Czech’s Forgotten Castles

The door had been left half-ajar. Stepping inside, I felt the temperature of the air cool suddenly. The last rays of sunlight faded away as I walked deeper through the hallway of the castle, my footsteps echoing across the stone walls.  This was one of the forgotten palaces of the Czech Republic, a quiet and […]

The Secrets of Hampton Court Palace

While I won’t be able to travel to the court of Henry VIII in the near future (though with all the executions that went on I’m in two minds as to whether that’s really such a bad thing…) I most definitely can get that ‘Wolfhall’ experience by visiting his palaces, which- jolly good!- doesn’t involve […]

What is Freedom?

Freedom- is it the ability to make laws that affect you, or the absense of laws? In order to better understand a question, sometimes it helps to ask another. (As eye-rollingly worthy as that sounds, you might notice it works for you! 😉) So here’s mine: When you think of the Greeks, what imagery springs […]

Elizabeth I- How much do you know?

Elizabeth I is a Queen with a legacy of bringing Tudor England into a Golden Age. Often remembered through the titles ‘The Virgin Queen’, and ‘Gloriana’, she is regarded as one of the most exceptional monarchs in England’s history. Born the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn (his second wife), she succeeded her elder half-sister […]

Sound Patterns in Thomas Hardy’s ‘His Immortality’

An article about Phonetics, analysing Hardy’s beautiful poem His Immortality, and considering the significance of sound patterns in poetry.

The Tudors- Q & A

A brief Questions and Answers article on the Tudors.

How You’ve Been Speaking Shakespeare Without Knowing It

That word you use time and time again, the one you don’t really think much about,may have actually been invented by one of the most incredible playwrights the world has ever seen.