Proof-reading + Editing Essays!

How it works:

It’s so irritating when you work really hard on making the right essay, submit it… and then when you’re feeling less tired and read it again realise it’s full of grammatical errors, mistakes, or misspellings!

The worst thing is being marked down for a few mistakes- those single marks can mean the difference between an A and A*, a B and an A, or a D and a C.

It’s definitely a situation we all want to avoid. If you’re looking for a reliable way to ensure your essay is mistake-free, I can help.

For years I’ve been practicing proofreading, throughout my A-levels and even now, on books, essays, business proposals+ documents, and assessments.

As a student I know from experience the mistakes that most commonly lose you the most marks (ahem- misspelling an author’s name!), but will ensure your essay is error-free and in addition notify you about any plagiarism (the thing you most hear about at uni hahah).

I’m currently studying at one of the top universities in the world so you can expect quality feedback and satisfaction with the essay I return to you.

Unlike other essay proofreading service sites, I’ll give you personalised feedback on the mistakes you may have made in your essay, or any other comments, and, if you’ve paid for your essay to be formatted (i.e. edited), I will explain in full any changes I made.

My Prices: (in British Pounds! {£} If you wish to pay in another currency don’t worry- just fill out the form below as normal and I will contact you to discuss payment) 


Simply fill out the form below to start!


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