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The Funniest Thing You Didn’t Know About Congress

  When Congress gets theatrical… Uh huh, I did just put ‘funny’ in the same sentence as ‘US Politics’, and I’m not talking about elections here, but a little something which you might not already know about, partly because many people not knowing about it helps to keep it happening. The funny part of US Politics, […]

Is Globalisation as Bad as People Think?

Globalisation: it’s a word that means so many different things to so many different people. On the one side we have people who tell me, a grave look on their faces, about how globalisation means everything is becoming what they call ‘Americanised’; i.e ‘Mcdonalised’. There’s been a huge surge in the people I know visiting […]

The U.S and U.K Governments Compared

A discussion of the different features of both the U.K and U.S’s respective constitutions and systems of government.

Mid-Term elections- How Significant Are They?

If you’ve been asking yourself what the importance of midterm elections is, or if you have to do this essay for your A-levels, or both, you’re in luck because today I’ll be answering this question in this article 🙂

How Easy is it to Pass Legislation in Congress?

Why does it seem to take forever for bills to pass in Congress? Today, I tell you why…

A Level Politics: Social Conservatives- Your Questions Answered

A brief U.S Politics Q & A, giving you some information on the aims and ideology of Social Conservatives.

A Level Politics: Congressional committees- The Epitome of… decline?

Traditionally, Committees were respected, feared, and important. But are they still so today? Here, we find out…