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How to: the Perfect Research Proposal Project.

I’ve been spending hours searching for how to write a research project proposal for uni, but alas! Google has been scant of any that are structured in the way we’ve been instructed by our professors 😦 I just finished mine, after days upon days of unending writing [granted, I was actually also doing too many […]

Inside Burberry

Despite being a brand often remembered for it’s stable striped bags and trenchcoats, behind the doors of this incredible designer, there’s so much more to see. At least for me, Soho is the place where you get truffle flavoured lasagne and matcha cakes. It’s the land of strange foods and night life, housing some pretty wacky […]

Student Life Stereotypes

I see this on television, in newspapers, and perhaps worst of all, in person from others. From what I’ve heard, I am not the only one who constantly feels like raging against the really misguided images painted of students, especially by the tabloid press. While I don’t read tabloids, unfortunately I still seem to hear […]

Best London Bookshops You’ve Never Been to and Amazing Places to Go After!

In a world where customers are often treated as numbers, I find that there’s a special value in the more personal relationship that I can have with independent suppliers and stores I shop from, and this extends beyond items to food and even banks. Today though, we’re talking books 😉 In London, out of all my usual haunts […]

Little Treat For You- A Sample Uni Essay from Me!

If you’re an A-level student and ever wondered what a university essay sounds like, today I have a little treat for you. This one did really well, although funnily enough the bibliography is extremely short! If that seeems crazy to you, then the +30 books I used for a 1500 word essay probably seems downright mad. […]

I Now Proof-Read and Edit Essays!

It’s so irritating when you work really hard on making the right essay, submit it… and then when you’re feeling less tired and read it again realise it’s full of grammatical errors, mistakes, or misspellings! The worst thing is being marked down for a few mistakes- those single marks can mean the difference between an […]

The Craziest Paragraph You Will EVER Read… and It’s Written By a Professor

Have you ever read something strange on the internet? Chances are, probably yes. So let’s rephrase this: Have you ever read anything strange on an online article written by a professor? And I don’t mean too complicated (although who doesn’t know that feeling?!), or expressing views that are contrary to your own, etc. What I […]