BLOG GoodI want to disperse knowledge, make it accessible to anyone; knowledge concentrated in a minority is both dangerous and unfortunate, because every student has that spark- that potential, the ability to achieve their aims and their dreams, and I want to help them do just that. I believe that the world is such a wonderful place when we share knowledge, because we are able to adapt and shape our views, we are able to discover new information, new understanding, new insights into concepts we might have hitherto found elusive. Every student deserves that chance.

However, it is often difficult and time consuming to collect all the research you need to have that optimum revision potential achieved. I spent countless hours of my time researching, studying; collecting information, details, tips, critical examinations… all for an an exam that lasted a little over two hours!! To have had a collection of all that information at the start of my revision would have been priceless, and would have saved me a great amount of precious time.

By the time I finished my A-Levels, I had decided what I wanted to do with the articles, books, critical quotes and written lessons I had been collecting for the past few years- to share it with you and give you that “missing puzzle piece” you might have been searching for all this time.


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