Student Life Stereotypes

I see this on television, in newspapers, and perhaps worst of all, in person from others. From what I’ve heard, I am not the only one who constantly feels like raging against the really misguided images painted of students, especially by the tabloid press. While I don’t read tabloids, unfortunately I still seem to hear their words being thrown out at me… “I’ve heard that all students are…”- really?

So today I’m hoping to write about some of these stereotypes- do students really come to all their classes hungover? Survive off pasta? Get the full dish on the facts below…

STEREOTYPE (1). Students eat a lot of pasta and baked beans. I don’t understand why when people say this they instantly assume that the pasta is dry and comes out of a packet from a Tesco. Sure I will say that some of us students will eat pasta from a supermarket, but others of us will have it at Sketch, Clos Maggiore, or any other number of restaurants. Others more will alternate between the two. You cannot group all the pasta loving students into one category!!

STEREOTYPE (2). Students are obsessed with social media and gossip. Social Media is the biggest way we can keep in touch with each other. Moreover, Whatsapp and phone chats are for talking to friends about funny things we’ve read online, posting lecture notes, or discussing what’s happening in our lives… as opposed to talking about other people.

STEREOTYPE (3). People who can afford it constantly wear designers and people who can’t don’t. This is wrong on so many levels.

STEREOTYPE (4). Students have parties every night. Everyone spends their night differently. It is not all about the partying but students do like to have fun! On the other hand, it’s not for everyone and not for every night. Students are also not drunk all the time. Sure, sometimes students come to lectures hungover but most of the time they’ll just sleep in to be honest with you.

STEREOTYPE (5). Students Uber everywhere. It depends on the student, where we are going, timings, costs, etc. … I would say that Uber is really a popular way for some of us to travel, but it does all depend on a lot of things. Many students travel by tube whether they live in Mayfair or any other part of London. Often there’s a lot of altering between different forms of transport, other times it’s down to what’s easiest for you. I use National Rail to travel around the city (phone chargers!).

STEREOTYPE (6). Students only talk about costs and work. I talk to my friends about Dali, philosophy, travels and truffles (not the chocolates). We all have different personalities, with different things happening in our lives. You cannot say that we only talk about certain things. Granted, a lot of us do complain about the workload (myself included!).

STEREOTYPE (7). Students have no life beyond their social one. Actually students do a lot more than just study and socialise. Many of them work, others blog, are photographers, are busy with charity projects, take care of parents/family… and others more don’t do anything, but really it’s difficult to categorise students.

STEREOTYPE (8). We are spoilt and don’t appreciate anything. You would be surprised, the incredible things some students have done for society, the incredible lengths some students go to in order to earn a living and care for their family, the incredible effort many students put into making things work, getting a degree or surviving off very little, or all of these things. Again, there are so many students out there, with so many experiences, different lives, and stories. 

The problem though even with this is that I’ve probably given you a biased view in terms of where I’m studying, the kinds of people I socialise with.. etc. Some students might find that their experience leads them to endorse all the stereotypes of students because that’s what they’ve seen, and I suppose that’s probably how stereotypes exist in the first place. They are just people’s experiences. My lifestyle is different to many students’, so I’d love to hear about the experiences of others and what you feel about this list! Feel free to drop me a comment or email! 🙂



  1. This post is the best I’ve read in a while. As a student I agree with what you say here. I don’t even like baked beans. Anyway, nice article!


    1. Thanks Timothy! So kind of you! And ditto the baked beans 😉


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