How to write A Winning Teachers’ Christmas Card

It’s that time of year again… Christmas cards for teachers!

I love Christmas for a million reasons, and one of those it for the opportunity it gives me to thank all my teachers/professors and anyone who’s ever helped me or who means a lot to me and show them my appreciation. Words have such a great power that it doesn’t take many to really change someone’s day and even life.

But it’s one thing to want to write cards and another to actually do it! I have the same problem every year- what to write inside??? I want something personal that my professors will find meaningful but at the same time I really want to be careful with what I’m writing- the cards for my friends are drastically different to those for my lecturers 😉

Today I’m giving you a little guide on how to write a card for your professor that strikes that perfect balance that I’ve learned from previous experiences.


So, first, some tips before you start:

(1.) Write for a teacher/professor you actually like, and for the right reasons! There really is no getting around this- that A/A* you’ve been reaching for will not come from writing a card to your prof/teacher, however much effort you put into it. Also, best to choose professors/teachers who’s lessons/lectures made a meaningful inpact on you, as it’ll make writing those cards so much more enjoyable and easier.

Which brings us onto (No.2)!: Prepare a list of names, and write out some of the things you enjoy most about the way that your professor teaches you. This could be their funny videos, fantastic way of explaining things, or support with your essays. This personal aspect makes the card so much more memorable and unique.

Next- (3.) Use pencil to draw lines in your card. This seriously makes all the difference for the way your card looks (just remember to rub it out later!!). 

Buuuuut- (4.) drawing lines in your card doesn’t give you the excuse to doodle!!! Calling all self-proclaimed bad drawers! Do NOT do it! As much as that card looks like it needs something, the doodle will not solve the problem- resist the urge! My doodles are hideous things that really should be confined to the edges of my imagination. Honestly, you should see me draw a star. It turns into a hundred ugly stars. Let your words do the talking 😉

Finally- (5.) No kisses in cards for your professors. No really.


Okay so now we’ve gotten through the basics we can move on to the proper contents of your cards!

If you’re stuck with suggestions, here are some of my favourites that I like to include in my cards 🙂 Of course, as each lecturer/teacher is different, each card also changes, but here are some general ones that work really well:

  1. “Thank you so much for…”. This sounds like such a “duh” thing to do, but sometimes you might go overboard on expressing how much you appreciate your teachers’ help but forget those two words! I find it’s a great way to start the card 🙂
  2. “I couldn’t have asked for a more [welcoming/friendly/interesting] lecturer/teacher”. 
  3. “It’s been an absolute pleasure to attend each and every one of your lectures/lessons”.
  4. “Your [enthusiasm] and [extensive knowledge] of and for the course has made it one I’ll never forget”. 
  5. “… and it’s all thanks to your amazing teaching!”.
  6. I truly appreciate all the time and support and help you’ve given me…”.
  7. … wish you all the best of luck for the future”.
  8. “You deserve the best”.


At the end of the day though, the most important thing is to enjoy writing it! If you do, as you write you may well find yourself smiling at your memories of their great lessons, or in anticipation for how happy it will make your teacher/lecturer to hear someone thank them for the hard work they put into their lessons. It’s a wonderful feeling.


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