Come Fly With Me… To Lake Como

Episode 3 of my ‘Come Fly With Me’ series, and today I take you around incredible Lake Como, the place of dreams and all things ice-cream.

There seems to be a special scent in the wind, something magic that I catch in the warm August air as soon as I wake up. From my bed I can see the magnificent pale blue mountains and tranquil lake, clouds hovering around the indigo shadows of the peaks. It is a view that has been etched in my mind since I first visited Como; each year though to me it seems more beautiful, more dazzling, and more serene; it’s like, each time I visit, it’s my first time, and I fall in love with the gorgeous lake all over again.


One of your first stops here should definitely be the nearest Patisserie, where you can enjoy the incredible freshly brewed coffee with some fantastic traditional delicacies- we’re talking Tiramissu and sweet pastries. The coffee has this wonderful aroma, and most people take it standing at the cafĂ© bar. Unfortunately this means it’s all to easy to down one cup of coffee after another, with no end!


If you’re out for something bigger and sweeter, definitely try some of their sweet cake, just out the oven and dusted with icing sugar. Perfect with cheese and a view of the lake from above. I feel my problem here is there are just too many pretty places, I’m overwhelmed by all these amazing sweets so I flit from one to the other and back again 😂 You can smell the sweet cakes being brought out of the ovens from the streets, something that means driving here is really very dangerous.


On the outside, Lake Como is surrounded by pretty little restaurants, each with its own patterned decor. The buildings are made of beige bricks, all unique shades, and it’s easy to assume the same goes for every building in each town. But in reality, exploring deeper through the little pathways, past the restaurants and cafĂ©s that line the outside could take you somewhere very different. Some place away in those roads, the buildings and streets change- beige is replaced by a palate of different colours, a stark contrast to the exterior homes you saw before. But then, little surprises are everywhere, and especially here.


The lake is adorned with beautiful places in beautiful streets, and each has its own character.


But walking deeper through them, wonderful things await. Little café gems hidden away in alleyways, mini knitting stores, and maybe best of all, specialist biscuit and cookie boutiques, where you can literally go mad choosing from unique nougats, soft sweet cookies and even truffle honeys and oils.



One of my favourite parts of Como is the Flying Club, where I’d definitely recommend the trip over Como and the surrounding areas, a scenic route which really is unmissable. If you’d prefer to stay on the ground instead of the sky or the lake, hiking here is a superb experience. Surrounded by the magical blue mountains and greenery around you, it’s really something special.



Enjoy your evening at the Lakeside, where the restaurant lights illuminate the water against the indigo sky. After a night of concerts, the music will still be ringing in your ears as you wander endlessly along the lake.


Don’t forget the ice-cream



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