Come Fly With Me… To Prague

Episode two of my ‘Come Fly With Me’ series for the summer, and today I show you around the incredibly beautiful capital city of Czech Republic.

In the daytime this place is swarming with colours- people, so many, wandering around, seemingly lost amid the stunning streets, which are perfumed by the sweet sugar-coated pastries they sell on every corner.


The excitement of everyone around me soon proves infectious and though I’ve been here countless times in no time at all I take to skipping around its flower-lined streets, absorbed in the magical atmosphere. It’s as if I’ve arrived for my first time here, and I’m enchanted by everything around me- the strange and delicious coffee blends, stunning hand-sized cream cakes, the church bell towers singing me away, deeper through to the Old Town. The sound of the church bells are for me reminicent of Switzerland, and remind me of my house in Zug where they always ring me to sleep with their rhythm. There’s something very special and significant about this simple detail- I find home away from home.


The day, like the colours around me as I travel around the city, seems to fly by, and evening soon sets on the city. Pink clouds mingle with blue, adding a special touch of something spellbounding to this place.

My favourite haunt of the city is the Astronomical Clock, and I spend the early hours of my evening watching the sun set as piano music floats up to me from the square. It is a breathtaking view.


Night now upon us, with my concert tickets in hand, I embark on my daily routine of travelling to, and watching, the evening’s Concert- something here in Prague is no less than exceptional. I think I’ll have to write a whole article on the different theatres in Prague as each one is beautiful in its own way. Intricately decorated with magnificent details, you are surrounded by beauty as you watch the musicians play music that really takes you away. The interior you can see below is from the Municipal House 🙂


With Vivaldi still ringing in my ears, after the latest concert I made my way towards the Old Town, where sleep doesn’t really exist, and the streets are lit up by the glow of restaurants and cafés open until the morning light. All around me people laugh and celebrate; the waltz really does go on here in Prague.


Another day, another 100 credit card swipes later (😝😂) and almost three hundred floors up, find yourself staring, stary-eyed, out across the city from the Prague Castle. It’s an extraordinary view, and one characterised by the sheer number of orange-roofed homes that decorate the landscape.


And yet there is so much more that you cannot see simply from the top of the Cathedral (at the Castle). The city is brimming with amazing stores, cafés and unique buildings and attractions. If you are a cheese-lover, Ráj Sýrů is the place for you. I must have spent well over an hour simply choosing from the different cheeses! Truffle cheese, Chilli Gouda, and cheese from all around the world make a feature here- including my beloved Tête de Moine. You know you have a problem when you start trying to justify eating all that cheese with “It’s rich in Calcium” 😂😂


There are so many more things to go crazy-mode on in Prague other than the cheese though. Foodies can most definitely find home here- Prague is brimming with tea shops, Italian foodshops, gelato cafés, and all kinds of places where you can buy freshly made pasta, just-caught fish cooked for you, and cake shops galore. This is the kind of place you want to avoid the scales while staying 😉

All the carnivorious readers out there should head to The Real Food Society, my go-to place for especially good organic meat- on your way though, don’t forget to snap a picture of the local celebrity- the beautiully strange dancing house.


If there’s one moment from this trip I’ll never forget, it’s the view from the Astromomical Clock over the incredible city. I stood there for a long time looking out to the distance, truly in awe of its beauty. Prague is a living masterpiece, one I know has captured the hearts of many, as it will do for many years to come.





  1. Prague is so beautiful, I really want to go there! 🙂

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    1. It really is! 🙂 I can’t stop visiting, the architecture and beauty of the city really is something else! :)) If you visit be sure to see the Old Town in the evening- it’s something else when the sun goes down 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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