Come Fly With Me… to Roudnice nad Labem

Ever since I first started publishing articles on Break the Enigma, I’ve tried to make them in some way educative. But it’s summer- for the students out there I write my essays for, the last thing you want is to be reading about revision after you just finished exams!

So I figured I would share with you all this summer some travel posts 🙂 Whether it teaches you something new about different countries of the world, or inspires you to travel somewhere new, I hope you’ll follow me as I show you around different places 🙂

A picturesque plane ride takes me to the incredibly pretty Roudnice nad Labem in the Czech Republic, a country that judging by the amount of times I visit, I’m obsessed with. Each building is a different colour here, and the many hues of the cars only add to the stunning scenery of rainbow magic. Afar in the distance, you can see wonderful blue mountains- with colours like these, cloudy days are just as lively as sunny ones.



Once you start roaming the streets of the town, it becomes ever more apparent to you that you may just have entered Candyland. The architecture of the buildings- one dating back to the 12th century- is intricate and stunning, with styles from the Renaissance, gothic, and Baroque eras all making a feature in the town.


Each building is a different shade- together, the town is rainbow coloured. Even the homes of Notting Hill in London, though admittedly colourful, don’t reach this level of ‘colour mania’.

The roofs of the homes are biscuit shaped and biscuit coloured, and, if you could, look beautiful enough to eat, just like the rest of the town. As if the many coloures given out by the cars, buildings, trees and pavements wasn’t enough, flowers have been set to adorn the many charming cafés nestled around. Red and yellow, pink and purple.


If you’re visiting the area, definitely be sure not to miss the stunning Castle in the heart of the town- not that you can, really, because like all the other amazing pieces of architecture here the Castle is- you guessed it- colourful. If you thought all castles were made of grey stone- prepare to be very surprised.


Inside, remember to look up- something incredible awaits.


Finish off your tour of the Castle by venturing out to one of its balconies, where you can behold the splendid view of the town’s architecture in all its magnificence.




  1. Great photos! The town is so pretty! 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Irena! :)) It really is 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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