Elizabeth I- How much do you know?

Elizabeth I is a Queen with a legacy of bringing Tudor England into a Golden Age. Often remembered through the titles ‘The Virgin Queen’, and ‘Gloriana’, she is regarded as one of the most exceptional monarchs in England’s history. Born the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn (his second wife), she succeeded her elder half-sister Queen Mary I, and ruled for a great 45 years. Today I thought I’d share with you all a little quiz about her reign, mostly centred on her Parliaments, which was a particularly key issue because of the fact that historians disagree over whether it was marked by conflict (and even, as some historians argue, that Parliament was at this time desiring greater freedom which would later culminate in its calls to curb the Royal Prerogative of Charles I in later years- you can find out what this term means in the quiz), or that she controlled them effectively, and perhaps that it was too early for Parliament to be attempting to increase its powers. Hopefully this quiz might even inspire you to read more about this really interesting issue 🙂 Even if it doesn’t, you might find some interesting facts you never knew before about the history of England and its monarchy 🙂

Overview:Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 12.55.00.png

(Q). Apart from money, what other benefits were there for Elizabeth I in calling Parliament?

(A). The benefit of hearing the views of members of society (on particular policies), e.g. Burgesses, Lords, Gentry… 

(Q). Why might rising numbers of the Gentry in Parliamnet cause problems?

(A). They were more educated and confident, and thus more likely to express desires for more power and freedom of speech, wishes Elizabeth I did not want to grant.

(Q). What was the Royal Prerogrative?

(A). These were the subjects/topics only the Queen had the (exclusive) right to consider or discuss.

(Q). What topics came under the Royal Prerogative under Elizabeth?

(A). Issues to do with marriage, religion, and the succession.

(Q). What three areas did Elizabeth’s first Parliament successfully deal with?

(A). Taxation, Customs Issues and the new Protestant religious settlement.

(Q). What earned Elizabeth’s first Parliament a rebuke from her?

(A). They urged her to marry. (However this was one of the subjects she refused to discuss in Parliament!)

(Q). Name one thing the Statute of Artifices (1563) agreed by Elzabeth and her 2nd Parliament did.

(A). It removed a National Wage limit.

(Q). In her 3rd Parliament William Strickland was excluded from the Commons. Why? 

(A). He proposed a new Prayer Book. (Religion was another topic which came under Elizabeth’s Royal Prerogative– see Q.4)

(Q). What did Wentworth demand in Elizabeth’s 4th Parliament?

(A). Freedom of Speech- by this he meant the right to speak on matters of the Royal Prerogative.

(Q). Elizabeth invited her 4th and 6th Parliaments to discuss Mary, Queen of Scots. What did her 6th Parliament recommend?

(A). The execution of Mary, Queen of Scots.

(Q). In Elizabeth’s 6th Parliament Cope was sent to the Tower of London. Why?

(A). He tried to Pass a Puritan Bill.

(Q). What notable Bill was passed in Elizabeth 9th Parliament?

(A). The Poor Law of 1601.

(Q). Give one area where Elizabeth did not experience conflict with her Parliaments over.

(A). Elizabeth I’s Parliaments never denied her funds.



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