Happy Birthday!

It’s been a year of Breaktheenigma- a year of milk-tea mornings, sat typing away, a year of having the pleasure to read the most kind and wonderful comments sent to my emails and blogs, a year of planning, laughing, learning, writing… and breaking enigmas 😉

Today is the 1st Birthday of this Blog- BreaktheEnigma, and I just wanted to use this article to thank all the incredible people who read my blog- yes, I do mean you!

Inspiration and motivation are priceless gifts, in that while they don’t cost anything to give, there is no value to the enormous ways in which they can really change lives. I am grateful to every reader of this blog- every single one of you- because you have inspired me every day. Knowing that there are people out there reading my content, and hopefully enjoying it or finding it useful- knowing that, just gives me immesurable happiness. Thank you so much for being there for me, for supporting me, and motivating me to keep writing. I just wanted to let you know, that it really means the world to me, and I really, truly appreciate it.

It is beyond amazing to see the variety of different countries people reading this blog are reading from- when I first started this blog, I was only writing up my articles in the hope that it might be helpful to anyone who came across them, especially for A-Level students looking for support with their essays. Little did I know that tens of thousands of you would be reading it only a year later! I still cannot get over that fact, and every day when I wake up and remember, there are no words to describe my feeling of gratification. It is something truly special. Thank you.

Today I thought in this article I’d include a poem I wrote to celebrate the first birthday of the blog 🙂 It’s on the sister blog of BreaktheEnigma too, which you’re very welcome to check out whenever you like 🙂

With many many thanks to you, have a wonderful wonderful day :))



I wondered how many I could possibly eat, for one is too little for such a sweet treat.
So I finally call, “I will have them all” and they all seem to glitter and gleam in my head, each one so brilliant, they’re beautiful gems.
But I realise when I get home, how I love how they’re together; though so lovely to look at, eat them I could never.


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