The Tudors- Q & A

It’s that time of year again- and unfortunately, I don’t mean Christmas 😦 For many students out there, it’s revision season. Often when we want to learn something, we memorise it, writing and re-reading it repeatedly. But it’s one thing to repeat something on and on, and quite another knowing that you’ll remember it. You can only do that by testing yourself. So today this article is going to be basically a Q & A for all the History students out there studying The Tudors. We’ll be covering the reigns of Edward VI and Mary I 🙂 My History teacher used to do these every week, and though we used to dread them at the time, they really paid off as they helped us remember important details and dates in our exams which we found really useful. I hope this helps you as much as it helped me 🙂 Even if you’re not a History student, by the end of this quiz you will know more than a little about Edward and Mary’s reigns!

The Tudors Q & A- Edward VI & Mary I

  • Who was Edward influenced by into turning the country Protestant?

The Duke of Somerset (his uncle and Lord Protector), and later Northumberland (when he took control from Edward Somerset)

  • How long did Somerset rule and what were the dates?

1547-1549- which makes 2 years.

  • What were the names of the two main rebellions during Edward’s reign?

The Western Rebellion and Kett’s Rebellion.

  • Who was Thomas Cranmer?

He was the Archbishop of Canterbury and a key religious figure.

  • Name two of Cranmer’s achievements.
  1. His Prayer Book
  2. His contributions to the First Act of Uniformity
  • What did Somerset do when Henry VIII died?

He kept it a secret for 4 days [and planned to secure leadership of the Regency Council].

  • What did Somerset secure by the end of February 1547?

The position of Lord Protector of England, the support of his fellow Privy Councillors (now the Regency Council), and leadership of the Regency Council (became the undisputed leader of the country).

  • Who was Nicholas Ridley and what is his claim to fame?

He was a Protestant Bishop, and played an important part in the reformation.

  • Who did Mary I decide to marry and why was this a problem?

Phillip II- it was feared, however, that he would drag England into Spain’s wars against France and interfere in the affairs of England.

  • Give two factors that governed Mary’s foreign policy in the years 1553-1558.
  1. – Return to Rome
  2. – Maintaining good relations with Spain/ Phillip of Spain’s wishes.
  • Name two Bishops burnt as heretics by Mary.
  1. Bishop Hooper
  2. Bishop Ridley
  • What was so special about Mary’s rebellion against Lady Jane Grey (the succession crisis)?

It was the only successful rebellion in the period of Tudor England to actually succeed in overthrowing the Government/Crown.

  • In what year, and what was the main reason for, the Wyatt rebellion?

1553- In opposition to the Spanish marriage after Mary I declared her desire to marry Phillip of Spain. Anti-Spanish feelings amongst some members of government, who feared that Spanish influence in court might jeopardise their positions, incited them to rebel against the Crown (albeit unsuccessfully).

How many of these questions did you get right? Have any questions? Feel free to comment below 🙂



  1. Lora Crane · · Reply

    Really informative 🙂


    1. Thank you Lora 🙂 That’s very kind 🙂


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