Keeping Your Work on a Leash

A few days ago, a friend told me a story that I just had to write a post about, because it’s one I have experienced myself, and heard from others, and I’m hoping writing about it will help you avoid it yourself.

What happened? To put it short, my friend, who is at university, had an important assignment due. She had been writing it for many hours until suddenly, and very accidentally, she spilt some water on her laptop and it went dead. Although she’d saved her work, she had not backed it up, and with the laptop gone, she had lost all the hours of effort she’d put into her essay. When she emailed her professors for an extended deadline, her laptop suddenly started up again, and so she emailed them back and told them that everything was fine. As soon as she did that though, her laptop crashed again! At the end, she missed the deadline, had to write the whole essay again and had marks taken off it for the late submission- exactly what she needed after everything she had gone through.

I really feel my friend’s pain- literally, because the exact same thing happened to me, as it did to so many of us who forgot (or couldn’t be bothered) to back up our work. We might think computers are evil, but although it’s true that they can sometimes be unpredictable and unreliable, blaming the computers is not going to solve anything. Rather, by backing up our work, we can hope to avoid this kind of terrible situation.

computers are evil

Today I’m going to give you my Top 10 suggestions on how to back up your work. Although sometimes you just don’t feel in the mood for continuously pressing the ‘save’ button- the last thing you need whilst you’re writing something important is to have to worry about something so little- it’s really very important. It only takes you a maximum of two minutes, but could save you two hours, or even days, of time and effort, so it is well worth it.


(1). Saving it on Word
You can’t back up your work if you haven’t saved it first! Remember to do this so you have the most updated version of your work.

(2). Saving to email
This could be emailing yourself, emailing your family, friends- just email your work, whether it be as an attachment or if you just paste it- the most important thing is that you have a copy of it online.

(3). Saving it on your phone
If you love your phone, take this opportunity to spend more time with it by using it to take pictures of your work. Otherwise, copy it from your email and paste it in Notes/Memo/One Note- just have a copy of your work on your phone.

(4). Taking a picture
Use your camera to take pictures of your work. If your work brings you success later in life, you can print off the photo and admire/flaunt it.

(5). Save on Blog or website
If you have a blog or website, save your work in ‘Drafts’ or on a page. You can even create a website for your work. That way, you can access it from your phone/computer, or even from search engines.

(6). Record yourself reading it

This might seem strange, but if you like the sound of your own voice, or if find it easier to memorise your work that way, record yourself reading it and save it. You can even share it with your friends and colleagues!

(7). Write it on a cake using an icing pen- just kidding. Screenshot it on your computer and save it.

You can save it as a picture and from there, email it or print it.

(8). Use USB’s and information drives- the more the merrier.    

This will ensure you have more copies of your work in case something happens to one or more of your copies.

(9). Text it to yourself
Like texting? Use it to back up your work! You get the same feeling of excitement of getting a text, with the added bonus of knowing you are making it harder for yourself to lose your work.

(10). Handwrite it
If you like calligraphy, writing things by hand, or if you are trying to back up your work in as many ways as possible, hand writing your work is a great way to keep a record of your work, and also memorise it.

So there you have it- my Top 10 suggestions for how to back up your work.You don’t need a leash to keep hold of your work…

Do you have any stories about losing your work, or ways of backing up your work that you could share with us? I’d love to hear what you think! Comment below 🙂


Pictures: Computer: GNOME icon artists and Smiley: East718 (altered to seem ‘evil’ by myself)



  1. Kyle Richards · · Reply

    I really needed this, thanks for sharing. Gladly bookmarked 🙂


    1. Hey Kyle, it’s a pleasure! I’m happy you enjoyed this article 🙂


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