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A Level Politics: Congressional committees- The Epitome of… decline?

Traditionally, Committees were respected, feared, and important. But are they still so today? Here, we find out…


The Food of Shakespeare’s Plays

Have you ever wondered what Shakespeare’s Hamlet or Romeo actually ate? Check out this guide…

‘Grid-ding’- The ‘Secret’ Technique- Uncovered

I mentioned in my last post how I was “obsessed with grid-ding” all my work during my A-Levels. I found that breaking up my work made it so much easier to memorise everything– not only did my workload look smaller, but it was more organised too. My secret weapons in my exams were my grids. Actually, […]

A Level Politics: The Consequences of Federalism… Could be Right in Front of You!

Ironically, despite Federalism being so extremely important to the U.S.A, in terms of its effect on politics, society, the economy and even the law there, it never actually appears in the U.S. Constitution! Nevertheless, you cannot really effectively comprehend how politics in the U.S works without having even an inkling of Federalism, because of how vital it is to […]

A Level History: Parliament and the Tudor Crown: A Contest of Wills

Tudor parliaments had a particularly important role in the government and administration in the 16th century. It was, after all, the country’s most vital institution after the King’s Council. There were two chambers in Parliament– the upper chamber, called the House of Lords, and the lower chamber, called the House of Commons (both still exist […]