A Level Politics: Blue Dogs- A Diminishing Breed of Politician?

Despite the misleading name (and the title of this post, and also, admittedly, the picture we used too), ‘Blue Dogs’ are not coloured puppies (although apparently those do exist). They are a group of Conservatives, who make up the most right-wing faction of the Democratic Party.

Although the Democratic Party became identified with an increased role of the government in society, and liberal social causes such as minority rights, abortion rights and environmentalism from the 1960’s onwards, ‘Blue Dogs’ are generally in favour of reducing taxes and a Conservative approach to social policies.

Salon has written about the “impending extinction of the Blue Dog caucus in the House of Representatives” and The Washington Post has an article called “The Blue Dogs’ pitiful last whimper”. Numerous analysts have pointed to the declining influence of the ‘Blue Dogs’ within the Democrat party, but how influential are the ‘Blue Dogs’ really?

Today we hope to straighten out some of the main arguments for and against this issue in a simple table. Scroll down for details…

Blue Dogs

What do you think? Are the ‘Blue Dogs’ really a diminishing breed? Comment below!



Blue Puppy Picture credit: Elsie esq’s Flickr


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