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A Level English: 7 Literary Terms You Might Not Know

Whilst we might often hear literary terms such as Metaphor, Plot, and Alliteration, how often do you hear Anecdote being mentioned? Quite embarrassingly, when I first heard that term, I thought it was a type of medicine- a far cry from it’s true meaning! And yet literary terms can be so important in making your […]

A Level English: Stepping into the world of Chaucer…

It is one thing to understand the actual text of The Wife of Bath, but quite another to attempt to comprehend what it would have been like living at the time Chaucer was writing it. And yet, learning about the context in which an artist creates their work is such an important part of truly […]

A Level History: The Tudors: Challenging the Forces of Authority

Between the years 1547-1554, there was a great number of disturbances in Tudor Society, with 1549 singled out as the most notable period of the crisis because it witnessed two rebellions and contributed to the fall of the Lord Protector Somerset. Indeed, in both town and country, social and economic issues seemed to have intensified by the […]

A Level Politics: Blue Dogs- A Diminishing Breed of Politician?

Despite the misleading name (and the title of this post, and also, admittedly, the picture we used too), ‘Blue Dogs’ are not coloured puppies (although apparently those do exist). They are a group of Conservatives, who make up the most right-wing faction of the Democratic Party. .. Although the Democratic Party became identified with an increased […]