The years “..16” in History

With 2016 on the horizon, you may well have found yourself looking back upon the past year, remembering the events you’ve witnessed, people you have seen and met, and things you have done in 2015.

And now we are looking forward, forward to 2016…

But have you ever looked back?

As I wondered what 2016 would bring, somehow I started thinking about what had happened in previous years ending with ’16’- and- no surprise- there is a colourful history of those years. Whether this has anything to do with ‘…16’ being a leap year is hard to judge, but, certainly, those years ending with “16” witnessed action and drama, new beginnings and also unpredictable ends. So if you’ve ever asked yourself anything like “What happened in 116 AD?“, you have come to the right place! Below is a little mind-map documenting some notable events over the past centuries. Although this will not predict the future for you, you will almost definitely learn something new…




  1. 1016 was also the battle of Brentford when Edmund defeated the Danes (then subsequently got spanked).


    1. It’s really great of you to share this Sableyes, thanks so much 🙂 After I read your comment, I searched “1016” and what really surprised me was learning that it was also the year Edmund died- I would never have expected that though, considering he won the battle in the first place!

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