A Level English: The Life-Jacket for Your Essay- Wife of Bath Critical Quotes!


When I was doing my A-levels, one of the most time-consuming and exhausting things I had to do was find critical quotes for my essays. I would spend hours reading, and the worst part of it was, many times I did not find any relevant quotes even after hours of research! And yet finding quotes from books and articles is very important, both for comparing and contrasting different interpretations, and also, at other times, for backing up your own view.

Life did not get much better in terms of critical quotations when I moved on to university, either. The same importance was attached to quotations, and the time I had to spend reading to find them actually increased!

But it is hard to find time to read, search and write your essays amidst a busy schedule. So I have a little remedy for all the students out there studying the Wife of Bath, looking for some quotes to make your essays a little juicier. Below, you will find some interesting quotes which might just be the answer you are looking for…


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