Taking you around the incredibly scenic Lake Como, and showing you all the amazing foods it has to offer…


Episode 2 of my travel series- join me as I take you around the breathtaking city of Prague.


Showing you around this picturesque Candyland, and the many beautiful surprises it holds…


Teaching you how to stay well-read throughout the summer in a fun and enjoyable way. A 7-steps guide.


Even if you absolutely love whatever you’re doing there are going to be parts of it that are less enjoyable. The good news is that you can overcome many of the barriers that are preventing you from enjoying distracted-free work time. Find out how here.

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A discussion of the different features of both the U.K and U.S’s respective constitutions and systems of government.

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Elizabeth I is a Queen with a legacy of bringing Tudor England into a Golden Age. Often remembered through the titles ‘The Virgin Queen’, and ‘Gloriana’, she is regarded as one of the most exceptional monarchs in England’s history. Born the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn (his second wife), she succeeded her elder half-sister […]


Happy 1st Birthday to this blog- BreaktheEnigma! An article dedicated to thanking its incredible readers.


If you’ve been asking yourself what the importance of midterm elections is, or if you have to do this essay for your A-levels, or both, you’re in luck because today I’ll be answering this question in this article:)


An article about Phonetics, analysing Hardy’s beautiful poem His Immortality, and considering the significance of sound patterns in poetry.


A brief Questions and Answers article on the Tudors.


Why does it seem to take forever for bills to pass in Congress? Today, I tell you why…


The final day!


Day 2 of the 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge…


Day 1 of the 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge, and I have one very special quote to share with you all, from one very special writer…


That word you use time and time again, the one you don’t really think much about,may have actually been invented by one of the most incredible playwrights the world has ever seen.


Dedicated to, and in memory of, William Shakespeare- master, icon, genius.

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A cycle of inspiration


Yes, there is a connection


A brief U.S Politics Q & A, giving you some information on the aims and ideology of Social Conservatives.


Discussing the significance and symbolism of Ophelia’s distribution of flowers in Hamlet…


A timeline of the event-full reign of Henry VIII.

Credit: Andrew Samanor

With my Top 10 ways to back up your work

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Traditionally, Committees were respected, feared, and important. But are they still so today? Here, we find out…


Have you ever wondered what Shakespeare’s Hamlet or Romeo actually ate? Check out this guide…


I mentioned in my last post how I was “obsessed with grid-ding” all my work during my A-Levels. I found that breaking up my work made it so much easier to memorise everything– not only did my workload look smaller, but it was more organised too. My secret weapons in my exams were my grids. Actually, […]


Ironically, despite Federalism being so extremely important to the U.S.A, in terms of its effect on politics, society, the economy and even the law there, it never actually appears in the U.S. Constitution! Nevertheless, you cannot really effectively comprehend how politics in the U.S works without having even an inkling of Federalism, because of how vital it is to […]


Tudor parliaments had a particularly important role in the government and administration in the 16th century. It was, after all, the country’s most vital institution after the King’s Council. There were two chambers in Parliament– the upper chamber, called the House of Lords, and the lower chamber, called the House of Commons (both still exist […]


Whilst we might often hear literary terms such as Metaphor, Plot, and Alliteration, how often do you hear Anecdote being mentioned? Quite embarrassingly, when I first heard that term, I thought it was a type of medicine- a far cry from it’s true meaning! And yet literary terms can be so important in making your […]


It is one thing to understand the actual text of The Wife of Bath, but quite another to attempt to comprehend what it would have been like living at the time Chaucer was writing it. And yet, learning about the context in which an artist creates their work is such an important part of truly […]

Challenging Authority

Between the years 1547-1554, there was a great number of disturbances in Tudor Society, with 1549 singled out as the most notable period of the crisis because it witnessed two rebellions and contributed to the fall of the Lord Protector Somerset. Indeed, in both town and country, social and economic issues seemed to have intensified by the […]

Blue Dogs

Despite the misleading name (and the title of this post, and also, admittedly, the picture we used too), ‘Blue Dogs’ are not coloured puppies (although apparently those do exist). They are a group of Conservatives, who make up the most right-wing faction of the Democratic Party. .. Although the Democratic Party became identified with an increased […]


With 2016 on the horizon, you may well have found yourself looking back upon the past year, remembering the events you’ve witnessed, people you have seen and met, and things you have done in 2015. And now we are looking forward, forward to 2016… But have you ever looked back? As I wondered what 2016 would […]


Those of us who have always been intrigued by history often find ourselves saying [wistfully] “if only I had a time machine…”. We wonder how it would have been like living in different periods in the past, maybe because we just love dreaming about random things, but perhaps more so because we get so excited […]


What is democracy? This big question is one that students all around the world have to face. Unfortunately, as you probably realised when I mentioned the words ‘big question’, it is not one easily answered, not least because of the many definitions that have tried to address it. Perhaps because of its difficulty, it is a […]

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Writing is powerful. So too, are pictures and images. They influence you, and keep influencing you- notice how you see images everywhere now, in adverts, on the internet, even on albums and in shops. But what happens when you combine the two? Simply, an immensely effective way to convey messages.  And this is exactly what […]


What do you think of when I say the word referencing?                                                                                         […]

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The Tudor rebellions- you can see them now, in your head, movie-like; raised shouts, being caught up in the insurgency, so that you can taste the defiance, anger and hunger for change that is heavy in the air. Whether you like it or not, you are pushed deeper into the loud chanting, gaining momentum, but going where? It is […]


When I was doing my A-levels, one of the most time-consuming and exhausting things I had to do was find critical quotes for my essays. I would spend hours reading, and the worst part of it was, many times I did not find any relevant quotes even after hours of research! And yet finding quotes […]

spain and england

Like squabbling siblings, relations between Spain and England in the years 1553-88 were rocky- to say the least. Recording the changes in their relations and observing it as a stock market graph would make a what looks like a stock not to be invested in. Why so? To say it simply, relations between the two states fluctuated […]


It is probably inevitable that we should come to the topic of human relationships whilst covering Chaucer’s Wife of Bath. I admit, inevitable is a very strong word to use, but since the Wife of Bath’s Prologue is dominated by the stories of her five marriages, the theme of relationships is not really one we […]


“The personal religious beliefs of Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I explain the religious changes of the years 1547-66” Do you agree? I remember how I first felt when I saw this question whilst studying the Tudors: “It is the question of doom”, I despaired, my eyes slowly widening in quickly escalating horror. I read […]


Illustrative art is a beautiful thing. It forms a link between our imagination, and reality, a manifestation of images that otherwise only exist in our thoughts. I find illustrative art particularly fascinating not only because it can bring stories and events in the past, present and future to life, but also because the artist gifts […]


You probably know who Henry VIII was, but how much do you know about his Privy Council? The Privy Council are the personal advisors to the Crown, appointed by the King or Queen. Particularly during the Tudor Era, this body was immensely significant- close to the King, they had the means to influence policy and […]

Photo Credit: flickr user Ava Lowery

NATIONAL PARTY CONVENTIONS- OUTDATED OR STILL VITAL?   National Party Conventions are often seen as a television highlight because of the colourful balloons unleashed during them, but are they really useful in any other way? It is a question that has troubled political analysts in recent times. For those who don’t know, or who need […]


THE ALLURING LANGUAGE OF LITERATURE IN CHAUCER’S WIFE OF BATH Many of us have felt it- the ability of literature to captivate us, intrigue us, even take us to a whole new universe. Sometimes when I read, the whole world seems to fade, and the story in front of me just lights up, carnival colours […]


HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE REIGN OF EDWARD VI? A little quiz for you all today, on the reign of Edward VI, under Edward Somerset (Lord Protector 1547-9) and John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland (1549-53) respectively. Do you count yourself an expert on the Tudors? Try the quiz to find out! Edward VI […]

the powers

A student recently wrote to me asking for help with an essay question on US Politics that they had been struggling with, “What is the Separation of Powers and why has it been criticised?”. Today I hope to answer that. For all the students stuck on this very question, read on! The Separation of Powers of the USA refers to […]


FACTIONAL RIVALRY Exploiting rumours, brothers executing brothers, cousins executing cousins, dangerous revelations and horrific imprisonments. No, I am not describing a season of soap drama, or a twisted movie plot- this is life at the Tudor court. You can find evidence of faction-fighting at court in numerous occasions in history, particularly in the political sphere, […]


To get an idea of the common definition of “conflict”, simply search the word online and up come many images of people arguing, wrestling and playing tug of war. There is a particularly nice image of two suit-dressed colleagues… with large, intimidating boxing gloves. If it were not for their smart attire, they look ready for a […]


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