I’ve been spending hours searching for how to write a research project proposal for uni, but alas! Google has been scant of any that are structured in the way we’ve been instructed by our professors 😦 I just finished mine, after days upon days of unending writing [granted, I was actually also doing too many […]

The door had been left half-ajar. Stepping inside, I felt the temperature of the air cool suddenly. The last rays of sunlight faded away as I walked deeper through the hallway of the castle, my footsteps echoing across the stone walls.  This was one of the forgotten palaces of the Czech Republic, a quiet and […]

So because I spent (a little too much) time hunting around for rainbow bagels and pink lattes in London (more on that later ;)) I completely forgot that I had 3 essays due for university! I know that sounds terrible considering how I’ve written articles for this blog about actually staying productive but seriously, I have […]

Despite being a brand often remembered for it’s stable striped bags and trenchcoats, behind the doors of this incredible designer, there’s so much more to see. At least for me, Soho is the place where you get truffle flavoured lasagne and matcha cakes. It’s the land of strange foods and night life, housing some pretty wacky […]

I see this on television, in newspapers, and perhaps worst of all, in person from others. From what I’ve heard, I am not the only one who constantly feels like raging against the really misguided images painted of students, especially by the tabloid press. While I don’t read tabloids, unfortunately I still seem to hear […]

In a world where customers are often treated as numbers, I find that there’s a special value in the more personal relationship that I can have with independent suppliers and stores I shop from, and this extends beyond items to food and even banks. Today though, we’re talking books 😉 In London, out of all my usual haunts […]

If you’re an A-level student and ever wondered what a university essay sounds like, today I have a little treat for you. This one did really well, although funnily enough the bibliography is extremely short! If that seeems crazy to you, then the +30 books I used for a 1500 word essay probably seems downright mad. […]

It’s so irritating when you work really hard on making the right essay, submit it… and then when you’re feeling less tired and read it again realise it’s full of grammatical errors, mistakes, or misspellings! The worst thing is being marked down for a few mistakes- those single marks can mean the difference between an […]

Have you ever read something strange on the internet? Chances are, probably yes. So let’s rephrase this: Have you ever read anything strange on an online article written by a professor? And I don’t mean too complicated (although who doesn’t know that feeling?!), or expressing views that are contrary to your own, etc. What I […]

If someone tells you you’re revising wrong, what are you going to say? You might have two words for this: either “um, what?” or “I know”. The right response? The first one. Hamlet once said “for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so” and so technically you might argue that […]

While on a day out with a friend, we must have spent hours taking countless pictures beside the London Eye (I know- I’ve been seeing it almost ceaselessly for the past 11 years and yet still act like a tourist when it’s around). Soon enough, the poses we made varied and varied, until we were […]

It’s one thing to want to write cards and another to actually do it! I have the same problem every year- what to write inside??? Today I’m teaching you how by giving you a guide on the best do’s and don’t’s and things to include.

While I won’t be able to travel to the court of Henry VIII in the near future (though with all the executions that went on I’m in two minds as to whether that’s really such a bad thing…) I most definitely can get that ‘Wolfhall’ experience by visiting his palaces, which- jolly good!- doesn’t involve […]

  When Congress gets theatrical… Uh huh, I did just put ‘funny’ in the same sentence as ‘US Politics’, and I’m not talking about elections here, but a little something which you might not already know about, partly because many people not knowing about it helps to keep it happening. The funny part of US Politics, […]

Freedom- is it the ability to make laws that affect you, or the absense of laws? In order to better understand a question, sometimes it helps to ask another. (As eye-rollingly worthy as that sounds, you might notice it works for you! 😉) So here’s mine: When you think of the Greeks, what imagery springs […]

Society and Your Daily Routine- a Connection? Yes First faced with this question, my response was a confident “Well of course! Individuals come before society”. But then I considered it further, and doubt, like caffeine and the smell of freshly baked chocolate cookies, quickly found its way to me. Soon enough the question started going round […]

Globalisation: it’s a word that means so many different things to so many different people. On the one side we have people who tell me, a grave look on their faces, about how globalisation means everything is becoming what they call ‘Americanised’; i.e ‘Mcdonalised’. There’s been a huge surge in the people I know visiting […]

Yes you can have fun while writing essays- this article’s going to be about the relationships between the compounded elements in British and American pudding and dessert compounds.

My final travel article in my first “Come Fly With Me” series. Today I take you around Chiavenna, a beautiful valley on the way to St Moritz. Que mountain-fitting ice-cream, charming little streets with perfect views and stunning evening scenery. Join me as I take you around…

Taking you around the incredibly scenic Lake Como, and showing you all the amazing foods it has to offer…

Episode 2 of my travel series- join me as I take you around the breathtaking city of Prague.

Showing you around this picturesque Candyland, and the many beautiful surprises it holds…

Teaching you how to stay well-read throughout the summer in a fun and enjoyable way. A 7-steps guide.

Even if you absolutely love whatever you’re doing there are going to be parts of it that are less enjoyable. The good news is that you can overcome many of the barriers that are preventing you from enjoying distracted-free work time. Find out how here.

A discussion of the different features of both the U.K and U.S’s respective constitutions and systems of government.

Elizabeth I is a Queen with a legacy of bringing Tudor England into a Golden Age. Often remembered through the titles ‘The Virgin Queen’, and ‘Gloriana’, she is regarded as one of the most exceptional monarchs in England’s history. Born the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn (his second wife), she succeeded her elder half-sister […]

Happy 1st Birthday to this blog- BreaktheEnigma! An article dedicated to thanking its incredible readers.

If you’ve been asking yourself what the importance of midterm elections is, or if you have to do this essay for your A-levels, or both, you’re in luck because today I’ll be answering this question in this article 🙂

An article about Phonetics, analysing Hardy’s beautiful poem His Immortality, and considering the significance of sound patterns in poetry.

A brief Questions and Answers article on the Tudors.

Why does it seem to take forever for bills to pass in Congress? Today, I tell you why…

The final day!

Day 2 of the 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge…

Day 1 of the 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge, and I have one very special quote to share with you all, from one very special writer…

That word you use time and time again, the one you don’t really think much about,may have actually been invented by one of the most incredible playwrights the world has ever seen.

Dedicated to, and in memory of, William Shakespeare- master, icon, genius.

A cycle of inspiration

Yes, there is a connection

A brief U.S Politics Q & A, giving you some information on the aims and ideology of Social Conservatives.

Discussing the significance and symbolism of Ophelia’s distribution of flowers in Hamlet…

A timeline of the event-full reign of Henry VIII.

With my Top 10 ways to back up your work

Traditionally, Committees were respected, feared, and important. But are they still so today? Here, we find out…

Have you ever wondered what Shakespeare’s Hamlet or Romeo actually ate? Check out this guide…

I mentioned in my last post how I was “obsessed with grid-ding” all my work during my A-Levels. I found that breaking up my work made it so much easier to memorise everything– not only did my workload look smaller, but it was more organised too. My secret weapons in my exams were my grids. Actually, […]

Ironically, despite Federalism being so extremely important to the U.S.A, in terms of its effect on politics, society, the economy and even the law there, it never actually appears in the U.S. Constitution! Nevertheless, you cannot really effectively comprehend how politics in the U.S works without having even an inkling of Federalism, because of how vital it is to […]

Tudor parliaments had a particularly important role in the government and administration in the 16th century. It was, after all, the country’s most vital institution after the King’s Council. There were two chambers in Parliament– the upper chamber, called the House of Lords, and the lower chamber, called the House of Commons (both still exist […]

Whilst we might often hear literary terms such as Metaphor, Plot, and Alliteration, how often do you hear Anecdote being mentioned? Quite embarrassingly, when I first heard that term, I thought it was a type of medicine- a far cry from it’s true meaning! And yet literary terms can be so important in making your […]

It is one thing to understand the actual text of The Wife of Bath, but quite another to attempt to comprehend what it would have been like living at the time Chaucer was writing it. And yet, learning about the context in which an artist creates their work is such an important part of truly […]

Between the years 1547-1554, there was a great number of disturbances in Tudor Society, with 1549 singled out as the most notable period of the crisis because it witnessed two rebellions and contributed to the fall of the Lord Protector Somerset. Indeed, in both town and country, social and economic issues seemed to have intensified by the […]